First Annual Iron Mountains Sword Drive!

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First Annual Iron Mountains Sword Drive!

Postby Korderellin » Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:23 am

Coming up in two weeks (Saturday, November 16th) in the Empire of the Iron Mountains: The First Annual Iron Mountains Sword Drive!

Our loaner gear bag has dwindled significantly in recent history due to swords breaking down or disappearing entirely, so we need to build up our sword stock so we can have enough for the huge waves of newbies that should be beating on our doors! Unfortunately, the Empire is currently a bit strapped for cash at present, so we are asking the populace of the Iron Mountains to assist in this endeavor.

We are asking people to agree to donate time and money for the loaner sword cause. Please post below to let us know if you are willing to commit to bringing some money (and if so, how much) or spending time at the park making swords for the loaner gear. We will also be making swords to provide to some of our members who do not have their own weapons for permanent use. Once we have a clear idea of the amount of money people are able to contribute, I'll pick up the necessary supplies and bring them to the park. If people have additional supplies they can contribute, please post those below, as well.

This is also a great opportunity for those who also need assistance with their sword tech in learning from some of our more experience swordsmiths.

Plus, if you contribute at least five dollars to the cause, you will be considered dues paid for the upcoming Imperial Election!

Thanks, everyone, and please help out if you can!
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