We're running for office!

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We're running for office!

Postby Casca » Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:33 pm

It was a cold night in the Barony. The kind of cold that makes a person pull their collar up to their ears and wish for a shot of the hard stuff in their belly. The wind creaked like an old warlord’s knees as it made its way in through the worn edges of the window frame and into your disheveled office. It had been a slow few months for the mercenary detective business, but you had a feeling that change was coming with the early spring storm brewing on the other side of the glass. Too bad things always seemed to change for the worse.

There was no knock. Women like her didn’t wait to be let in. She strode into your office the way a wolf would stride into an unguarded orphanage. Her hair whispered as she moved, speaking a language only velvet could understand, and her legs… Well, the only thing stopping her legs from going on forever was the floor.

You knew who she was of course. Everyone did. She was the Regent and right hand of the Baron himself. The Baron was a man both loved and reviled, and every soul in the Barony could tell you his story. He made a fortune during the war designing and selling siege engines to both sides and had spent all the years since trying to make up for it. Unlike the Baron, however, you’d be surprised to find a soul who knew her story. To say she was the last person you expected to walk in through that door would be the understatement of a lifetime. Yet here this inscrutable woman stood, calmly lighting a cigar in your office. The steadiness of her hand belied the slight quiver in her voice as she spoke.

“He’s dead. The Baron is dead. His housekeeper found him this morning, stabbed by his own dagger. The guard knows of course and is trying to keep it hushed while they investigate, but I want someone I can motivate to get the job done. I’ve heard you were the best, and I can supply ample motivation.”

She placed a stack of Anvils as thick as the Corpora on the desk in front of you. It was more money than you’d earned in the past year. The next few months were about to get a lot faster.

Hello everyone! Suki and I are running to be your local leadership, and we wanted to introduce you to what we had in mind! We are wanting, if you vote for us, to run a Noir themed reign with you as the protagonist and me as your narrator. How it will work is that each month there will be a battle game and/or a quest. To promote roleplaying and just general fun, each of these games will further the plot introduced above, and the winners of each game/quest, will get clues as to who-dun-it. The plan is to have prizes for the individual(s) who figure out who the murderer is before the reign ends.

In addition to roleplaying, we wish to bring back the crafting as a community activity. To do this, we intend to have a crafting night once a month during our term in office with each crafting night focusing on a different skill. Suggestions we’ve received include belt weaving, basics of cooking, Amt-legal arrow construction, and hat making, and if you vote for us, we would also appreciate any suggestions you have for crafting seminars that you would like to see.

The third thing that we would like to focus on during the summer is recruitment and retention. This of course, is the hardest thing and will take work from all of us, but getting Amtgard to grow and thrive is certainly worth it.

Local crown quals is coming up in a little over a week’s time, then Coronation shortly after on the weekend of April 11th. If you haven’t already, please RSVP, and we hope to see you all there!

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Re: We're running for office!

Postby duhtch » Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:54 am

good luck ladies.
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