May 3rd battle game!

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May 3rd battle game!

Postby Casca » Thu May 01, 2014 12:18 pm

Hello! Here's the game and story for this Saturday. I will also be asking about what sort of schedule everyone would prefer for the next few weeks. See you then!

Also, this week's battle game is going to focus HEAVILY on v8's enchantment rules, so please get to know them before this Saturday or you and your team will be at a disadvantage!! The current version can be found here: ... 20_9_1.pdf

“He’s dead. The Baron is dead. His housekeeper found him this morning, stabbed by his own dagger. The Barony guard knows of course and is trying to keep it hushed while they investigate, but I want someone I can motivate to get the job done. I’ve heard you were the best, and I can supply ample motivation.”

Suki placed a stack of Anvils as thick as the Corpora on the desk in front of you. It was more money than you’d earned in the past year. She cleared her throat and regained her stoic composure.

“I want you to find his killer. He told me about a month ago that if anything happened to him, find the talisman. You’ll get double that when you solve the case.”

Tapping the ash off her cigar into the dusty, unused ashtray on the corner of your desk, she whisked out of your office like an icy mountain breeze. It was a short ride to the Baron’s estate, but long enough to make you wonder whether this job was going to be worth the dough. The Baron’s housekeeper led you to his office, an office that was everything yours wasn’t: warm, posh, and being searched by men with swords. This wasn’t going to be worth the dough.

The Battle Game:
This will be a life pool game with two teams: the “detective” team and the “unknown swordsmen” team. Each team’s “life pool” will be a pile of enchantments. When a player respawns, they will choose a random enchantment from the pile, put it on, and re-enter play. Players can not steal lives from the opposing team. Each enchantment will also come with a notecard saying the magic’s description. 60 second death counts. The team that does not run out of lives is the team that wins the game and the winning players will receive a clue as to who-done-it.
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