Relic Quest Round 2: February 23rd, 2013

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Relic Quest Round 2: February 23rd, 2013

Postby Grix » Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:59 am


Hopefully our attendance will be higher this week. We're going to try that quest for the Shield of the Chosen again. Details:

Shield of the Chosen
Use: Always on while worn
Material Component: A medium shield with a black cover featuring a white device. Must have a
white Enchantment strip tied to it.
Effect: Shield is completely indestructible, including against other Magical Items. Engulfing
effects striking the shield are nullified and ignored. Does not count as an Enchantment.

No fancy diagram this time, but here's how the game will run.

This totally indestructible shield has somehow been destroyed. Okay, not destroyed. But it HAS been separated magically into 3 pieces. Rumor has it that the magic that divided the shield is weakening and that it can be reassembled by merely bringing it's pieces in contact with each other again. Unfortunately, a lot of fake pieces have been created in an attempt to scam adventurers out of their hard earned gold. It is impossible to know if any specific piece is legitimately part of the Shield of the Chosen until it is reassembled.

There will be a number of teams consisting of 1-3 players each (depending on numbers). Each team will start with a piece of the shield and have to acquire the other pieces from the other teams however they can. Because there will likely be more than 3 teams, and there are only 3 real components, some teams will have useless shield pieces. No one will know which pieces are real until they are able to gather 3 that fit together and present them to the reeve.

As a reminder, our v8 level cap is still in effect and no one will be playing anything higher than 5th level.
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