Crimson Dawn and the Days of Skyrim Wednesday Update 2/24/16

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Crimson Dawn and the Days of Skyrim Wednesday Update 2/24/16

Postby v.puddingbait » Wed Feb 24, 2016 3:58 pm

Hail Crimson Dawn! Wednesday Update time!

This Friday...yes the Artificer’s Guild Challenge: Artificer's Exhibition #2! Enter anything you will enter into a regular Dragonmaster or Crown Quals. Same format! Write ups are required! Entries need to be at 805 Robbie Lane (Goglestofin and Akira's Keep) by 5:30. Gavo and I are more than willing to pick up local entries beforehand. Late entries will not be accepted. RSVP if you are interested if you are coming! See link for all the details!

I still need judges! Please volunteer if you are interested. You automatically get points in the journal if you are a judge!

This Sunday is the Imperial Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster. Park Attendance will be lower because of it. Myself and Akira are going up. If you attend, please message her or myself and we will make sure you get entered into the ORK. Someone starting a sign in sheet would be nice (2 points in the Journal to the player who does a sign in sheet).

Another reminder that Prime Minister Declarations are open! Akira is not seeking another term, so it is imperative that someone new step up!

Award recommendations for our park are right here! Officers can only see so much, so please recommend away!…/16D4uMYbfwT96KHtG7wrRMg…/viewform…

As always, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, contact me on Facebook or
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