March 2 - WM Results and Announcements

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March 2 - WM Results and Announcements

Postby Nickodemus » Sun Mar 02, 2014 5:41 pm

We all had a very fun day at the park. The weather improved and we ended the day with very little snow on the ground. Congratulations to Artemis, Azrael, Skalalaya, Nickodemus and Twinkletoes for placing in the tournament (from 1st to 5th respectively). I would also like to congratulate our newest member, Airik, for winning several fights on his first day.

Nest Sunday (Mar 9th) will be our Dragonmaster and Midreign. We will announce the final venue within the week (I personally apologize for the confusion, but there have been several roadblocks as of late). We will still meet at the park (Noon) for a full class game, versus the deadly Frost Giant that has been controlling our park this last decade.

With the loss of our last regent, we will be holding an Althing on Mar 16th. Both Skalalaya and Avis have announced their intent to run for this office.

We look forward to warmer weather and higher numbers as we progress into the summer months, so be prepared for more class games and less ditch-fests.
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March 2 WM Results and Announcements

Postby NinelMut » Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:37 am

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