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Monopoly Battle Game

Postby girly1 » Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:27 pm

Amtgard Monopoly Battle Game.
2 to 8 Teams, depending on amount of players.
Militia Style Battle game (Armor, projectiles, no classes, open weapon)
Unlimited Lives
20+ Players
1 Monster
1 Reeve and 1 assistant / banker / realtor
Rope, Flagging tape, anchors, cones, Large foam dice, Monopoly real estate cards, Community Chest and Chance cards, place markers such as flags, cards, or tiles.
Move around the “board / field” collecting as many properties as possible as well as defend from properties been taken, while other teams attempt to do the same.
Game setup:
Utilities and taxes have been removed from game to speed up play; the field should be set up as followed. Cones or other markers will designate properties that can be claimed. The center should be big enough to provide ample space to fight.
Split players into teams by whatever method the reeve deems best, teams should be evenly matched and 4-6 players are optimal for each team. Team captains must be selected before gameplay.
Each team is given 2 properties which are selected randomly from the monopoly property cards. Team captains are given 15 tokens with which to claim more properties.

Each team starts at “Go” and takes a turn having the captains roll dice and they move along the board as per the dice roll. When a team lands on an unclaimed property they can choose to claim the property by leaving a token. On each railroad there is a monster of an equal ratio to team that the players must fight if they land on any. When another team lands on a claimed property that team has the option of attempting to steal it from the team who has claimed it. The attacking team must leave one of their members behind to save their place on the board, no player can sit out back to back challenges, and all of the opposing players defend their property. Dead players from either team go to jail until one team is defeated; the winning team claims the disputed property. There are three ways to get out of jail.
First: By rolling a double on a dice roll; you have 3 chances to do so and must be done before that team’s turn, only one roll per team per turn, a successful double releases all team members that have died. Players return to their team if any remain on the board, if not then the team starts from the jail space.
Second: If by the third attempt of rolling doubles or any time before that on a team’s turn a team may choose to pay with a token to get out of jail. Tokens may be taken off any claimed property at any time as in way of mortgaging; once a property is mortgaged it is open for anyone to claim. If no tokens are left the team is “Bankrupt” and shattered out of the game.
Third: The get out of jail free card from chance or community chest.
If a team lands on chance or community chance the reeve draws the top card of the appropriate stack and informs the team who landed on the space to do as it says. If you land on free parking you receive one extra token. When you pass go you receive 2 extra tokens. Game concludes after 5 rotations of the board or until all of the properties are claimed, and whichever team has the most properties as the final surviving team crosses Go wins!
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