Secret Meeting of the Artificer's Guild and other Updates

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Secret Meeting of the Artificer's Guild and other Updates

Postby v.puddingbait » Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:25 am

This Friday we will be having a Secret Meeting of the Artificer's Guild (Craft Night) It will be at Akira's and Goglestofin's Keep. It will be an Open Night. There will be a few sewing machines there. Bring whatever you need for projects you want to work on. So ride your steeds and dragons down to 805 Robbie Lane and learn the secrets of the Artificer's Guild!!! (They do have one Great Dane and another dog, along with a cat. Just warning those who have allergies)

It was a glorious day in Skyrim today. The Arena was full of fighters, both seasoned gladiators and fresh bodies for them to feast least that was the plan. In the end, and with Imperial Regent Goglestofin presiding, it came down to new blood Epsilon the Cranium Crusher and the seasoned veteran Azrael the Stalhrim Jaw! While Epsilon had a lot of heart, Azrael had the experience, and is now currently the Arena Champion. Will anyone have the guts to challenge him as the month wanes?

A reminder to bring your Journals to the Park, if you wish to achieve points. Playing catch up with points would be difficult, so I would prefer not to. And remember....DON'T LOSE YOUR JOURNAL!!!

There will be an Artificer's Exhibition (A&S contest) on the 31st. Akira and Goglestofin have kindly offered up there Keep for this, also. More details on that, soon.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to message me on here or on Facebook. Or at

Hope to see you all this Friday!!!
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