Crimson Dawn and the Days of Skyrim Wednesday Update 1/20/16

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Crimson Dawn and the Days of Skyrim Wednesday Update 1/20/16

Postby v.puddingbait » Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:55 pm

Hello Crimson Dawn! It is your Wednesday update. This update will be as long winded as your Monarch is wide, so bear with me, please!

First thing first. This Friday we will be having a Craft Night. It will be at 805 Robbie Lane (Goglestofin and Akira's Keep). Craft Night starts at 5 PM, ends at 8 PM. Everyone is welcome. This week we will be working on class sashes. Please bring the material you will need to make your own sash. Sashes must be at least 2 inches and be worn from shoulder to opposite hip across the body. I prefer my sashes to be wider than two inches. Easier to see across the field and it looks cool. There will be a few sewing machines and an Iron to use, if you need it.

Park Day this Sunday will be the First Reign Themed Game; PRISON BREAK! This will be a Class Game with Monsters. Anyone who has daggers and is willing to share, please bring them! If not, the game will be played with the number I can provide, making it all the harder wink emoticon. Anyone willing to show up early for game set up, I would appreciate that. I will be there at 10 setting up.

There will be a quick militia game before the Reign game starts. It is a quick fun one.

January 31st is the 1st Artificer's Exhibition. It is the first of a series of A&S contests that are planned for this Reign. See the Event for more details:

Also on January 31st will be a Champion's Challenge. Azrael stands tall as the current Arena Champion. Does anyone have waht it takes to unseat him? Anyone who wishes to attempt to unseat the Arena Champion may issue a challenge. The Champion chooses the weapons for the fight (Must be somewhat "fair". No pole vs dagger, etc.). If there are multiple challengers, the Champion chooses the weapon combination for each fight, and the winner of it all fights the Champion for the Title.

And the final update for my Wednesday Update is about Crimson Thaw. Bids are opening up for it NOW. Bids close February 21st and will be voted on by the populous March 6th in order to comply with the Iron Mountains Corpora and give the winning bid time to advertise the event. Sorry for the short notice on this!

As always, any questions or comments, please feel to message me on Facebook, text me at 719-671-8691, or email me at
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