Crimson Dawn and the Days of Skyrim Wednesday Update 1/27/16

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Crimson Dawn and the Days of Skyrim Wednesday Update 1/27/16

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Hail Crimson Dawn! Whether you are Imperial or Stormcloak, lay down your weapons and listen!

This Sunday is the First Artificer's Exhibition. For those of you that haven't seen what that is, it is the first of a series of contests that will be held during this reign in Crimson Dawn.

The contests are no different than Dragonmasters or Crown Qualifications. Categories are the same as in the aforementioned contests: Art, Writing, Food and Beverage, Garb, Field Legal Equipment, and Performance. Write ups are REQUIRED for these contests.

The scoring system for these contests shall be the same as any traditional A&S contest. Any points above 3.5 will go towards the leaderboard. An example is if a player enters 3 item, and the items received an average score a 3.8, a 4.1, and a 3.4, their total points would be .9. In an Artificer’s Clash or the Artificer’s Final Showdown, this would net 1.8 total points if doubled. Points will not be awarded or doubled if an item does not have an average score of 3.5.

The location for this contest is 805 Robbie Lane (Goglestofin and Akira's Keep). Entrants must drop off their items no later than 1 PM, no exception.Here is a link to the event page. Please let us know if you will be in attendance. I have the Judges I need for the event. Gavo Bones, Goglestofin, and Azrael will be the judges. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or Emzy.

This Sunday is also the Champions Challenge. Azrael is our current Arena Champion. If you wish to challenge him, all you must do is announce it on here or at the park. Even though Az is judging, I will make sure he is available to take your challenge. The Arena Champion chooses the weapons for the fight (Must be somewhat fair. No pole vs dagger, etc.). If there are multiple challengers, the Champion chooses the weapon combination for each fight, and the winner of it all fights the Champion for the Title. (Please note that Azrael will remain our Park representative for the Imperial Reign. The Arena Champion is just a fun Reign Themed Device.)

I really hope to see a lot of you out. Park Day starts at Noon. The sooner you are all there, the better!
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