ORK Attendance and Awards

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ORK Attendance and Awards

Postby Arkias » Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:29 am

Wooo! Attendance is up to date, as are awards.

Please check your records on the ORK at http://amtgard.com/ork/orkui/index.php? ... Park&id=31

This is where you can see how many credits you have. Please note that the levels the ORK refers to are V7 levels. Just look at the number of credits and use this handy chart.

Level 1: < 5 Credits
Level 2: 5 - 11 Credits
Level 3: 12 - 20 Credits
Level 4: 21 - 33 Credits
Level 5: 34 - 52 Credits
Level 6: > 53 Credits

If you're having trouble finding your record, want an ORK login to update your photo/heraldry, or have missing credits, let me know.

I can find your record, get you a login, and re-verify credits.

If you're missing awards, and can get me a photo of your award, I can get it updated right away, otherwise send me a note with what kind of award, who issued it, and when, and I'll try to get confirmation of the award and get it updated.
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