New Reign! Aug 2016-Jan 2017

Fort Collins, CO

New Reign! Aug 2016-Jan 2017

Postby Raksha » Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:44 pm

Welcome to the Northern Holdfast! I will update the schedule as we go, special days or events will largely depend on the officer's schedules.

The theme is Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki with special additions from the Astral Adventures handbook. Woo!

Monarch: Raksha (Lindsay Wagner)
Regent: Quiet (Eric Small)
Champion: Gryffyth (Anthony Ugarte)
Prime Minister: Zesi (Lu Dejesus Jr.)
Guildmaster of Reeves: Arkias (Zechariah Castner)

August: Fort Collins Comic-Con
August 21: Quiet's Quest!!!!!
August 28: 1st week of new theme, Fort Collins Comic-con

September--FOOD FIGHT!! All proceeds this month will go towards Amtgard Food Fight.
Sept 4: theme game
Sept 11: theme game
Sept 14-18: Keep on the Borderlands (Interkingdom Event in Windsor, IL)
Sept 18: TBD
Sept 25: theme game and last week for Food Fight

Other Important Dates:
Sept 10: Imperial Dragonmaster/Weaponmaster in Dark Moon.
Sept 29-Oct 2: Feast of Mars (Interkingdom event in King City, CA)
October 15: Imperial Midreign in Denver (Feast $3 per person, cash only)
November 6: Northern Holdfast Midreign
January 7: Imperial Endreign
January 8: Northern Holdfast Endreign
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