NH update 8/21/16

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NH update 8/21/16

Postby Raksha » Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:05 am

Such a great day!!!! Excellent quest written and organized by Quiet. I hope everyone had a great time, it sure seemed like it.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make today awesome. Especially: Eric Small, Anthony Ugarte, Avery Sanderson, Alex Balderson, Alexander Hennings, Lu Dejesus Jr., David Breslin, Jason Schoenfeld, Austin Koenig, Zechariah Castner, Kate Robinson, Carson Edwards.
Thank you to those who helped clear the quest fields and to those who traveled from other parks and kingdoms to be with us today.

8/27-8/28 Fort Collins Comic-Con, we are sending some of our players to do a panel to recruit newbies
8/28 introduction to new theme, Food Bank of Larimer Cty representative will be meeting with Raksha.
September--Food Fight!!! We will have a raffle and tourney to benefit Amtgard Food Fight and our park!
Donations to the raffle prizes are appreciated!
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