Battlegame Posting

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Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Fri Jan 16, 2015 8:59 pm

Please use this thread to post your battlegame ideas for the reign. Ideas will be scored up with resources in the IM Catan game, and will be scored depending on a variety of factors, such as thematics, mechanics, effort, and creativity. Providing diagrams and clear explanations, so that anyone can pick up and play the game without too much additional work, will impact the scoring considerably.

Battlegames posted on Facebook, but not posted here, will not be counted for scoring purposes. Thanks!
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Quiet » Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:29 pm

Amtgard "Battleship"

2 Teams, 10+ players, Full Class
Each team is awarded 5 "Ship Designations", or enchantment strips, each denoting a certain "Ship" enchantment. Additional players play as per normal.

1 x 'Carrier' = 5 Points of Natural Armor
1 x 'Battleship' = 4 Points of Natural Armor
1 x 'Destroyer' = 3 Points of Natural Armor
1 x 'Submarine' = 3 Points of Natural Armor
1 x 'Patrol Boat' = 2 Points of Natural Armor

The 'win' condition is the first team to kill the other team's 'Battleship' player, effectively a 'Kill the King' style of battlegame.

The 'Battleship' player should be designated a Game Item, thus preventing Sanctuary, CoP, or Teleportation delaying the game. I hesitate to add any additional abilities to each enchantment ('Submarine' with 1 x Teleport/game, etc), as full class games get complicated enough, though in a militia-style game, that might be more applicable.

Play three to five rounds, players are free to swap the Ship Enchantments each round.

Fire away with your critiques, I'm sure there's something breakable in this idea already.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Quiet » Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:43 pm

Amtgard "Twister"

Free-For-All, Ditch-Style [No class, no armor, no projectile]

Area is a 20' square 'arena', designated by cones, rope, whatever you need.
Players will need a twister board (if available), or a 4-sided dice, or just some way to randomly determine 1 to 4. Players roll, then enter the arena.

[Played with a 4-sided dice]
1 = Lose your left arm
2 = Lose your right arm
3 = Lose your left leg
4 = Lose your right leg

Players fight while down one limb, attempting to survive as long as possible. Players are granted one 'extra' limb for this combat. If player rolls a 2, enters the areana, and loses use of their right arm, then loses their right leg in combat to a wound, they are STILL ALIVE, and may fight until losing a 3rd limb, or taking a central chest/back shot.

Game may be scored, or not, depending on the mood of the players. Players all start in the arena (room permitting), then have a personal life pool of 5 lives. Last one standing wins, if playing for points. Otherwise, just keep rolling and jumping in until somebody calls a water break.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Agustus » Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:40 pm

Chutes and ladders, sh*t just got real!

This game requires a sizable amount of flagging tape and a spinner (or numbers from a hat). This also requires a heavy object.

Class or Militia game

2 equal teams

Unlimited lives

Recommended a short to medium length respawn count (20 to 30 seconds). This will entirely depend on where you place the respawn locations. Use your best judgement.

Objective based game. Deliver the heavy object to the end of the path. Players can move the object how ever they want as long as they don’t destroy the path or leave the path. Recommended to lift it off the ground.

Set up: Mark out a path, using 2 different colors of flagging tape. 1 color marks out the direct path and with marks for each “square” of movement. Each square could be a perpendicular piece of flagging tape. The second marks ladders and shoots. Mark out arrows pointing down to a previous “square” or point up to a “square” coming up. Down arrow(s) are shoots and up arrow(s) are ladders. Recommend 20 to 30 “squares” with a combination of 4 to 6 shoots and ladders. Recommended that you plan the path out on paper first so you don’t have flagging tape lines criss crossing over each other.

Heavy object can only move forward. The only way it can move backwards is if it “lands” on a “square” with a shoot (arrow pointing back to a previous square).

2 reeves are needed. 1 to follow the heavy object and the 2nd to spin the spinner or pull numbers out of a hat. Recommend numbers 1 through 6.

Reeve will spin the spinner and call out the number. The team moving the object needs to move it that many squares before another number is called out. It is recommended that the 1st reeve stand close to the square it needs to end at, or the 1st reeve could place a marker, like a flag or distinct object, at the location it needs to end at before another number is called out.

Team with the shortest time to move the object wins. Recommended to have one of the reeves keep track of the time with a stopwatch. The 2nd reeve is the most logical.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:50 am

NH is awarded 2 Mage resources for Amtgard Battleship.

With the 1 per person per week limit, Twister is being saved for next week for applying rewards.

IMD is awarded 2 Mage resources for Chutes and Ladders.

Awesome, guys! Keep the games coming, and make sure to try these out at your parks and let us know how they went!
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Grix » Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:00 am


Materials needed
Boundary markings - Flagging tape or rope.
"Bamboo" pieces - Can be made with pvc and monster noodle cut to equal length. Insert the pvc into the noodle so that it extends a decent amount out one side. Multiple bamboo pieces should be able to stack into each other securely. There needs to be 3 different colors of bamboo. Suggested: 12 yellow, 12 green, 6 pink.
"Bamboo" bases - These are similar to the pieces, but they need a wider base and possibly a way to be staked into the ground. There needs to be 1 base for every 3 pieces in matching colors. Based on the above suggestion, you should have 4 yellow, 4 green, and 2 pink.

Field setup
Each team should have a series of plots. There should be 1 plot per bamboo base, so that's 5 plots per team for the number of bamboo pieces suggested above. A team's plots should be positioned between the center of the field and that team's base. If you want to get really fancy, pre-place stakes in the ground in the center of each plot that can be used to secure the bases. Here's a handy diagram of the suggested layout:


Game rules
Type: Full class, militia, or melee only
Lives: Unlimited
Respawn: 30 seconds
Game Length: 20 minutes
Victory Conditions: Most points when time is up

Each team is trying to grow bamboo to feed a very hungry panda. To do so, they will need to gather different types (colors) of bamboo to plant in their plots. A team should find bamboo bases and place each one in the center of any of their plots, securing them with stakes if provided. Then they should then find bamboo pieces to place on top of the bases, though the color of the pieces must match the base they are being placed on. Any player can interact with any bamboo piece at any time. This means that not only can any player help grow their own bamboo, they can also cut down their opponent's bamboo. Bamboo can be cut down by removing a piece, or pieces, with your hands, or knocking down the stack with a melee weapon or projectile. If using a melee weapon, be mindful of those around you and don't swing too hard so that you avoid sending unpadded pvc hurdling through the air. Reeves should remove players that cross the line from dramatic to dangerous.

Players may carry no more than 2 bamboo bases/pieces at a time and should not take them out of the general vicinity of the plots. Carried bamboo pieces/bases are considered garb and may not be used to block with. Stacked bamboo (in a base, on the ground) is terrain and can block shots for you all day long if you really want to hide behind it and watch your potential points crumble before you.

Every minute or so, a scorekeeper for each team should tally the number of correctly stacked bamboo pieces that their team has in place and award 1 point for each piece, including bases.

Optional Bonus Panda Fun Time Rule
If you want to ramp up the chaos a bit, have a someone play a Very Hungry Panda. The VHP is Immune to all magic and abilities and normally ignores wounds. The VHP should be released a few minutes after the start of the game and head towards the tallest bamboo stack it can find, or whichever looks most delicious in the case of a tie. Once next to the bamboo, the VHP will begin eating by yelling "OM NOM NOM" 10 times fairly slowly. While the VHP is eating, any wound that it would normally be dealt causes it to stop eating and it should cross to the other team's plots to find out if the bamboo is truly greener, yellower, or pinker on the other side. Once the VHP has finished eating, it should remove a piece of bamboo and announce loudly, "That bamboo was delicious!" before moving on to a nearby plot. Since the teams are growing the bamboo specifically to feed the VHP, they will score an immediate 3 points for every piece that gets eaten. An additional reeve might be necessary to watch the VHP and inform scorekeepers when it eats something if there is a large number of players.

Other Options
Feel free to adjust the number of bamboo pieces to create a plethora or shortage as you see fit. This game can also be scaled to include multiple teams and maybe even multiple Very Hungry Pandas. If you choose to include more VHPs, it is recommended that, at most, there should be one less VHP than there are teams.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Whimsey » Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:09 pm


Two teams, set up 2:1. If there's an odd number of players, the smaller team (we'll call them the "defenders") gets the extra player. One player on the defending team gets to be the king, and counts as a game item.

15 second death count.

On a large field, the defenders start in the middle, and the attackers (the larger team) starts spread around the outside edges.
For the defenders to win, they need to get the king safely off the field. For the attackers to win, they need to capture the king.

Immediately upon killing a player, a player from the opposite team can pin them, just like in jugging, and start the capture count. If they reach 15, the pinned player is captured and removed from the field. Players can only be pinned and capture attempted once per death.

Team captains can negotiate the return of captured players.

It's playable as ditch, militia, or class. Make sure that your boundaries are well defined, and a larger field is recommended for full class.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:53 am

IMD is awarded 3 Mage resources for the Takenoko game.

DM is awarded 2 soldier resources for the Tafl game.

I'm loving the fact that people are moving away from the standards. I was introduced to two new board games with these, so great job!
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Faitzhand » Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:52 am

Amtgard risk

2+ teams one Reeve per team
unlimited lives re spawn varies as explained below
Supplies: lots of flagging tape (in multiple colors) and several marker flags per team

Each team must have a general the general is the only one allowed to place or remove marker flags
Place flagging tape to mark off a large amount of territories. If desired multiple areas can be designated in groups (continents) to grant bonus deductions to re spawn times. Generals take 10 seconds to capture an uncontrolled territory or remove an enemy teams control. (So 20 to do both) each team's re spawn is based on the amount of control they have over territories depending on the size of the field these times may be altered but 10 seconds plus 1 for each territory controlled. Reeves responsibility is to track current re spawn time. if they control the whole group then the penalty can be nullified. Each team starts with one base territory the game ends after a predetermined time limit or all but one team is completely removed from the board.

I would suggest militia as the default game style but would love to see how a full class game went.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:42 am

Grey Lantern is awarded two Mage resources for Amtgard Risk.
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