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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Sat May 02, 2015 9:41 am

Since we've only got four weeks left to go, we're going to start changing the rewards a bit for the posting of battlegames and reviews!

Grey Lantern is granted 6 mage resources for their Whack-a-Druid Game.

Even thought it was posted last week, since I did not rate it in time, Darkmoon is getting this week's resource distribution for their Monopoly game posting. DM is granted 2 building supplies for (Another) Monopoly game.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Quiet » Sat May 02, 2015 9:59 pm

Amtgard "Crossfire"
2 Teams
Teams are attempting to score by bringing a flag across a goal line, on either team. Each ‘goal’ is a 5’ by 10’ rectangle, with each goal about 50’-100’ apart. Players must enter the rectangle with the flag in hand in order to score successfully, without being killed simultaneously, in similar fashion to ‘ring the bell’ rules.

Each goal has a designated ‘goalkeeper’. The goalkeeper is treated as a wizard, and is armed with a large number of lightning bolts. (In a militia game, every spellball available can be treated as a lightning bolt). The goalkeeper can be killed as normal. The wizard is treated as having Elemental Barrage, and my throw lightning bolts in rapid succession, only stating ‘Lightning Bolt’ to throw.

Rounds are score-based, with players not coming alive until next round, ala ‘ring the bell’, however the goalkeeper comes alive every 15 seconds if killed. All players may enter the goal area, but require the flag in hand to ‘score’.
Lightning bolts act as normal, Stopping a player for 60 seconds, breaking weapons, armor, and causing injury.

(Full class is possible, but the goalkeepers should be buffed appropriately. Additionally, protection from flame would present issues against lightning bolts, enabling heavily armored players to simply run into the goal unimpeded.)
First team to reach 3 points (Or 5, or whatever.) wins.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby sneetch » Tue May 05, 2015 9:31 pm

Amtgard Clue: full class

Teams: 3+ 5-8 players per team
Rooms:5+ represented by various amtgard terrain
Monsters: 4+ most dor monsters will work well
Weapons: 5+ marked weapons of different class

The first team to accuse the guilty monster with the correct combination wins

To accuse a monster the team must first kill the monster then escort it to a room, and provide a murder weapon. When falsely accused the monster will reveal one incorrect clue, then return straight to their spawn location

The field should be set up with the rooms in a large circle with spawn points in between.

Spawn will be 60sec with all team members spawning at the end of the first dead player's count.
The count will begin apon arrival.
Monster will be tap and go
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Sat May 09, 2015 7:59 am

Northern Holdfast is awarded two of each military resource for Crossfire.

Darkmoon is awarded two building resources for Clue.
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