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Postby Anders » Sun Feb 01, 2015 2:55 pm

Pretty Pretty Princess-
Materials: 1 Tiara, 2 Bracelets, 2 Necklaces, 1 Baldric (preferably silver with the phrase Pretty, Pretty, Princess on it.)
Play Style: While ditch is recommended any will work
Field: Use a nice big area with team bases on either end and a 5 foot diameter circle in the center.
Setup: Select teams and have a designated reeve spread the materials evenly through out the field. The team that picked second chooses what side of the field they start on.
Play: All materials listed above count as play items. The goal for each team is to gather all the game items and have their captain wear them. Once a captain has all game items on they must stand in the center ring and declare "I am a pretty pretty princess" at which point a point is scored. If a captain is killed they must remove all game items before going to their base at place them at point of death. Death counts are 15 seconds form when you arrive at your base. First team to three points wins
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:54 am

DM is awarded 2 soldier resources for the Pretty Pretty Princess game.

NH is awarded 2 soldier resources for the Twister battlegame (sorry, forgot to apply those last week!)

Keep 'em coming, folks! Also, make sure to play some of the posted games as well, and tell everyone about the results!
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Quiet » Mon Feb 09, 2015 1:02 am

Amtgard "Hot Potato"


An 50’ radius arena, with an impassable border.
A reeve with a timer and a whistle/bullhorn/loud voice.
A 'hot potato' (A throwie, a spellball, a rock would be ideal). Something brightly decorated and unmistakable would be ideal, as well as something with a handle or strap on it would also work well, allowing players to ‘wear’ the hot potato and still fight easily with multiple weapons.

Players all start in the arena. A 'hot potato' holder is chosen at random by the reeves. This person starts with the hot potato, which is timed to go off at a random time, chosen by the reeves. Reeves may opt to do a ‘count-down’ on the timer, which may spur players to greater urgency.

Players fight in free for all style. Death count is 10 seconds for all players. The hot potato holder must fight and kill another player in order to relieve themselves of the hot potato. That player may then run away, and attempt to survive.

Players are in a free-for-all with each other for survival. All wounds count, so it’s entirely possible to leg someone nearby and run, leaving them easy bait for the hot potato to finish. It’s a spud-eat-spud world.

When the hot potato goes 'off', reeve will blow a whistle, and the player in possession of the hot potato dies, and is out for that round. The person closest to the hot potato (determined by reeve or by obvious eyesight) will be the next holder of the hot potato.

The winner is the last person alive at the end of the game.

As rounds progress, reeves are encouraged to begin restricting the borders of the arena in various ways, by pulling borders inward, adding terrain or obstacles, and so forth, to decrease the available space for players to run to, and generally causing more mayhem.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:52 pm

The NH is awarded 2 Soldier resources for Hot Potato.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Lokin » Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:18 am

Sheriff of Nottingham


You want to set up a wall with flagging tape but it's also going to have depth.

So an 80 to 100 ft x 20 ft wide. With 2 or 3 5ft openings along the walls essentially creating hallways through the wall.

60+ or 90+ spellball sized ball objects... Does not have to be legal. (Can be easily be done by balling up paper and covering with duct tape)

60 of these will be green and the other 30 will be red

A goal about 30 ish ft behind the wall... Can be marked off with cones

4 or 6 buckets
2 or 3 sacks or coolers that can conceal the contents of what you're carrying

The objective:

-This is the classic many on a small group of people style game. The Concept is built around gambling and bluffing your way to a win. In the case of the Sherriff's men you only have so many resources dedicated to stopping teams from bringing contraband over to "Nottingham".

-In this case the "many" play the part of Robin Hood's Band of Merry Men and the few play the part of the "Sheriff" and his band of goons attempting to
-The goal is to be the team to successfully bring over as many goods from the forest to the city of Nottingham. Most points wins.


3 or 4 teams. One team serves as the sheriff while the other 2 or 3 serve as Robin Hood's men. Teams will rotate as the Sheriff's goons after each round

-Each team will receive 30 balls.
- 20 balls that represent "fair" goods and are 1 point per ball
- 10 balls that represent "contraband" and are 4 points per ball

Each round. Robin Hood's men will attempt to make passes through the wall and bring goods into nottingham.
-A team must attempt at least 3 passes.

Sack/ sack carrying rules:
-Before each round 3 players are designated as the sack carriers for their team only they may carry a sack

--They may not carry magical enchantments, or artifacts.
--They may not cast spells.
--They may not be monsters

-Players must walk while carrying the sack
--If there is one player holding the sack. Movement of the sack stops.

--If no one is holding the sack. The contents of the box is removed. And they may start another pass.
--If a team loses their goods and there are no red balls in the sack the team will receive half of the contents back rounded down.

Lives and Respawn:

Sheriffs men:

-Infinite lives. Respawn in 3s
-Will have 2 respawn points at the corner of the wall

Robin Hoods Men
-60 seconds, may respawn as long as they have goods.
-Respawn from their place in the woods.

Robin Hood's Men may attack each other
Robin Hood's men may only attack each other after breaching the wall

Projectiles may be thrown/shot across the wall with an intent to hit. But they must make a high arc.

No you may not teleport through the wall.

Wall blocks line of sight
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Lokin » Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:36 pm

From Melody Songtailor:

Kittens in a Blender Battle Game:
Up to 4 teams + non-combatants to portray the kittens (Children may have fun with this one)
You will need:
3 picnic blankets
Buckets or other spawn point type markers
Flagging tape
1 boat per team

Set up:
Place one spawn point for each team on the far side of the field. Place one "pier" for each team about 2/3 of the way down the field, evenly spaced. Each pier gets a boat. Flag the water starting at the pier. Create a "Kitten Island" at the other end of the field. Kitten island should have 3 blankets for the kittens to hang out on: the box, the counter and the blender. All kittens start on the counter. Give at least 20' from the water's edge to the blankets to insure the safety of the non-combatants. A button or other object to represent a button may be on the island as well.

Game play:
This game is militia or class.
Teams must take boats to the island to make their moves. Once at the island, they may make one move. They may: Move one of their kittens one space, move an opponent's kitten one space, blend, or stop blend (they may only stop blend if they arrive at the same time as a team that chooses to blend). Kitten island should be a very safe zone. Anyone that accidentally hits a person on Kitten Island with any kind of projectile will take an instant death. If they do it more than once, they are shattered and out of the game.

Boat rules: Cannot wield weapons at all while in a boat (including spell balls). Must walk. People on land may throw spell balls, throwies, arrows, etc. at the people in the boats, but they should be warned that missing may cause them an instant death or to be shattered if they should hit someone on Kitten Island. Once the people in the boat arrive on Kitten Island, they can no longer be harmed by projectiles.

Pier Rules: Must have two people in a boat. Every time the boat leaves the pier, it must have two different people than it had last time. No wielded weapons. If you can get along, teams may split a boat. Boats must leave and arrive at one of the piers, though it does not have to be the same one for both trips.
Lives: Unlimited lives, 45 second respawn, counting at the respawn point.

To win, you must prevent your kittens from being blended or ensure your opponents kittens do get blended. You get one point for every kitten that is in the box when the blender is blended. You lose one point for every kitten that is in the blender when the blender is blended. No points are gained or lost for kittens on the counter. After each blend, the kittens are reset and the teams must restart at their spawn points. In Class games, a blend will also trigger a refresh.
First team to 5 points wins. Any team that hits -5 points is out.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Sat Feb 21, 2015 8:57 am

Darkmoon is awarded two building resources for the Kitten in a Blender and Sheriff of Nottingham games. Great job!
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Quiet » Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:10 pm

Amtgard "Don't Break The Ice"

2 Teams
A 50' square arena (subject to the needs of your park)
A fair amount of cord, rope, or marking tape. Possibly alot.
Several reeves who like to run.

Set up a 50' square, with teams spawning at either end of the arena.

Players enter the arena 3 at a time, 3 from either team, and fight each other. The winners lives, but keeps wounds.

Every time a player dies, a reeve will randomly cut off a section of the arena from use, due to the "body hitting the ice" and cracking it, resulting in a more and more hazardous arena for players to battle in.

Suggestions for reeves:

Drag two ropes across the arena in a straight line, forming a thin 'gap' players cannot step in. Pin at both ends.
Form a circle somewhere in the arena where a player broke through the ice, and formed a pit that cannot be entered.
In large areas broken up, throw in a hula hoop. Players may 'float' across the distance using the hula hoop, without any weapon/shield in their hula hooping hand.
Pull the border of the arena in, forming a 'spike' along a border.

Basically, the end result will be a hazardous wasteland that players may very well fall into, due to the fracturing ice. Reeves should leave a valid 'spawn' point for each team to start off at, and go until either the ice is just too broken up to fight anymore, or a certain point total is reached.

Seriously, bring rope, hula hoops, marking tape, anything to signify dangerous terrain, water, islandlets, and such.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:16 pm

NH is awarded 2 soldier resources for Don't Break the Ice.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Casca » Sat Mar 14, 2015 12:24 pm

Quiet and I came up with a bunch of games that we're going to post them slowly over the next few weeks, divided between us. One of them is Pretty Pretty Princess but is different than was already posted due to it utilizing different game mechanics.

Setup Difficulty: Easy (requires a small amount of pre-planning, including a trip to a Dollar Store for childrens' costume jewelry)

Number of Teams: 3, with at least 4 players per team

Materials: At least three items similar to the following (more than three if there are more than 4 players per team), each in its own color (recommended light blue, pink, and yellow): necklace, tiara, bracelet, tutu, ring, etc. Number if items of each color should equal number of players on a team, minus 1. Also needed are three markers for respawn locations.

No special reeves are required to track timers, life pools, etc.

Win condition: Be the first team to dress your team's princess (captain) in all of the items of your team's color.

Synopsis: Each of the teams is named after a color of the items in play (e.g. Blue Team, Pink Team, Yellow Team), and each team starts with an even number of their two opponent teams' items divided out among their players. (For example, if each team has five players, Yellow Team would begin play with two blue items, two red items, and zero yellow items carried by the Yellow Team's players). Each team has one player that is designated the Princess (captain). Princesses may carry any number of items, but may only carry items of their team's color. Normal players may carry only one item at any time, but may carry an item of any color. This means that each team begins play with each normal player (not the Princess) carrying an item. All items are dropped if a player, be it normal player or princess, dies or becomes insubstantial. These items are considered game items and are not allowed to be removed from play by any means.

General Battlegame Rules: Full class. Infinite lives. Players respawn at a respawn point specific to their team that is out of the way of the main play area. It is recommended that the field of play be set up as an equilateral triangle with the respawn locations at the three points. Length of the field can vary depending on how much your players are wanting/willing to run and how many players are participating.

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