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Postby Kain » Sat Mar 14, 2015 5:43 pm

Here is a simple game we plan on trying this week:
Hungry, Hungry Amtgarders
Militia style battlegame
The players play in a large 50 to 100 ft square with entrances at the 4 corners. The reeve will randomly throw out 20-30 spell balls near the center of the field, and the players will separate into 4 even teams. The players, when lay on is called, will try to grab as many spell balls as they can and take them to their team entrance. 45 second death count, and players come alive at their entrance. A player can only grab 1 spell ball at a time and may carry their weapons or shields at the same time as the spell ball. The game ends when all of the spell balls have been collected. The team with the least amount of spell balls picks a player from the team with the most spell balls and the game starts over.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby vardos5000 » Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:53 pm

War!!! (card game).

Teams: 2, with a minimum of five players per team at the start of the game.

Equipment needed: a minimum of 2 daggers, 8 short swords, 2 medium shields, and 2 pole arms. The goal is to make each team even initially by having each team have one player fighting with a dagger, a short sword, Florentine, sword and board, or polearm.

Reeves: Minimum of 2.

Tournament style annihilation game with one fight at a time. Each player is assigned randomly to a team, and the reeve randomly gives each player a weapon. Reeve discretion on how to do this. Each team forms a line that is “shuffled” by the reeve.

Each player at the front of the line fights a single elimination fight, using a dagger, a short sword, sword and shield, Florentine, or a polearm. Upon completion of a fight, losing player goes to over to the other side, takes their weapon(s) with them, and waits for the “decks” to empty. Process continues until both lines, or “decks”, are empty. Once each “deck” is empty, a reeve will randomly assign each player on each team weapons from the weapons pool available to each “deck”, then reshuffle the deck/line. This process continues until one side stands with all the “cards”, or players.

In the event of a tie, or Simo, in a fight, the next player in each line will fight each other. This fight will be 2 out of 3. If a simo occurs during this tiebreaker match, restart the tiebreaker match with each player at zero points. Once a player reaches two points, the player who lost the tiebreaker match, along with the two players that tied originally will all return to winner's team with their weapons.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Sat Mar 21, 2015 7:02 am

IMD is awarded two Mage resources for their version of Pretty Pretty Princess.

NH is awarded two Mage resources for Hungry Hungry Amtgarders.

CD is awarded Two Ranger resources for War!

We're beginning to see a couple of duplicates of games being used. That's fine, as long as the games have a substantially different twist to them than what has been posted before. Postings that are not substantially different will probably not receive any points, so make sure there is a significant difference!
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Quiet » Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:15 pm

Amtgard "Yahtzee"
2 Teams
Two teams do battle in a fairly normal Ditching format. Teams fight to the death, winning team eliminates the other team first. Winning team gives their first dead player to the losing team in order to balance out imbalance.
Every 3-5 rounds, the reeve takes aside a set number of players, and applies various effects to them. The effects can be beneficial, detrimental, or a trade-off in power. The effects should be identical for both teams to maintain balance, so no team has an undue advantage.
Reeves decide what the next effect is by rolling three 6-sided dice, and consulting the following chart:
[Not Possible]
[Not Possible]
03. Triple Snake Eyes - Everybody drops one weapon/shield. Weapon swapping on death becomes necessary.
04. Everybody spins around 20 times before fighting.
05. Weapon Swap - All players transfer their weapons to the player on their right.
06. Heavy Shields - All players wielding shields may not carry weapons. Either drop your shield, or your weapon.
07. Budget Cuts - Reeve takes away a weapon from several players, equal numbers from each team.
08. Throwie Influx - Each team gets two throwies in additional to ditch weapons.
09. Spellball Influx - Each team gets one lightning bolt.
10. Two players on each team are blessed with six points of magical sectional armor.
11. Everyone is legged from the onset. Players are considered ‘leg on death’.
12. Everyone loses their left arm.
13. Everybody loses their right arm.
14. Everyone is Fragile (Wounds Kill.)
15. Everyone has 1 point of sectional armor.
14. Monsters! - 1-3 players get turned into monster on each side.
15. A goblin that comes alive again in 10 seconds.
16. A minotaur with shield breaking weapons.
17. A golem with ten points of magical sectional armor.
18. Roll Twice and apply both effects simultaneously.

Teams fight in typical ditch fashion, with things changing every 3 rounds. There is no real win condition to this game format, as ditch style games tend to be played until everyone get tired of playing. Play through each variation in turn, skipping the dice rolling, if an ‘endpoint’ is desired.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Quiet » Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:30 pm

All credit to Brizerker Swift of the Northern Holdfast, posted on her behalf.

Amtgard “Fireball Island”
4 Teams
‘Militia’-style Gameplay (Armor, projectiles, no classes, open weapon)
30-second Deathcount (From point of death, respawn at spawn points)
Unlimited Lives
Multiple “Push the Carts”
20+ Players
1 ‘Fireball Volcano’ Player
1 Reeve (optional)

Rope, Flagging Tape, Cones, large assortment of ‘fireballs’ (Throwies, spellballs, arrows)


‘Rescue’ all of your teams players across the Fireball island first, without being killed by the other teams, or being hit by the Volcano.


Each team starts at their spawn (orange cone), which is at least 10 ft out from their starting corner (Hollow Stars). When “Lay On” is called, each team may engage other teams inside the yellow field and/or may start to “push” their player along their team’s pathway.

Once a player starts on the path, they now become the team’s Piece. Only one Piece can be guided along the path at a time, and in order for the Piece to move along the path they must be accompanied by one other player on their team. The Piece can only walk along the pathway.

If a piece is left unattended by a fellow player, they stay where they are on the path. Opposing team members can not interact with the Piece to push it back or forward (Why would you do that you saboteur?!) Pieces are not considered ‘players’ until they reach their goal (Solid Stars). Once the Piece reaches the end point, they are now an active player and can run the field as normal, and a new Piece can start their journey on the path.

There is one more element to the game. In the middle, there is a Volcano (red hexagon), erupting lava, making your journey that much more dangerous and treacherous. The “Volcano” will be tossing throwies/spellballs/arrows into the midst of the battle. The mountain will rotate in whatever direction they desire so long as it’s unbiased and consistent. The mountain doesn’t need to do the incant, just yell “Fireball” to cast.

If a fireball hits an active Piece, either moving or stationary along the path, the Piece must return to the starting point of your path, and be re-guided along the path.
If a Fireball hits you as a player, normal Fireball rules apply:

Fireball will have one of the following effects on the object first struck:
A weapon hit is destroyed.
A shield hit is subject to Shield Destroying
Armor hit with Armor Points remaining is subject to Armor Destroying
A player hit receives a Wounds Kill Wound to that hit location.

Once every team member has become a Piece and successfully crossed the hazardous path before them, their team wins.

Optional Playstyles & Rules:
If game ends quickly, play multiple rounds. Swap team locations to promote game balance and vary targets.
If Volcano is too weak, add another player to the center, either as another Fireballer, or archer with “Fireball” arrows.
If you have enough Reeves willing to participate, you can use them as point checkers in the center.
If the Volcano is too powerful, you can add walls that block fireballs, giving the Piece a temporary safe zone. (dotted line as a suggested location)
Depending on the size of your park, you can scale down or up. Using a triangle as the field of play, a pentagon, or hexagon, or whatever crazy shape you want to attempt, just so long as there is at least 5 players to each team, and paths are equidistant.

Brizerker Swift Spanks of the Northern Holdfast
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby girly1 » Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:30 pm

Amtgard Monopoly Battle Game.
2 to 8 Teams, depending on amount of players.
Militia Style Battle game (Armor, projectiles, no classes, open weapon)
Unlimited Lives
20+ Players
1 Monster
1 Reeve and 1 assistant / banker / realtor
Rope, Flagging tape, anchors, cones, Large foam dice, Monopoly real estate cards, Community Chest and Chance cards, place markers such as flags, cards, or tiles.
Move around the “board / field” collecting as many properties as possible as well as defend from properties been taken, while other teams attempt to do the same.
Game setup:
Utilities and taxes have been removed from game to speed up play; the field should be set up as followed. Cones or other markers will designate properties that can be claimed. The center should be big enough to provide ample space to fight.
Split players into teams by whatever method the reeve deems best, teams should be evenly matched and 4-6 players are optimal for each team. Team captains must be selected before gameplay.
Each team is given 2 properties which are selected randomly from the monopoly property cards. Team captains are given 15 tokens with which to claim more properties.

Each team starts at “Go” and takes a turn having the captains roll dice and they move along the board as per the dice roll. When a team lands on an unclaimed property they can choose to claim the property by leaving a token. On each railroad there is a monster of an equal ratio to team that the players must fight if they land on any. When another team lands on a claimed property that team has the option of attempting to steal it from the team who has claimed it. The attacking team must leave one of their members behind to save their place on the board, no player can sit out back to back challenges, and all of the opposing players defend their property. Dead players from either team go to jail until one team is defeated; the winning team claims the disputed property. There are three ways to get out of jail.
First: By rolling a double on a dice roll; you have 3 chances to do so and must be done before that team’s turn, only one roll per team per turn, a successful double releases all team members that have died. Players return to their team if any remain on the board, if not then the team starts from the jail space.
Second: If by the third attempt of rolling doubles or any time before that on a team’s turn a team may choose to pay with a token to get out of jail. Tokens may be taken off any claimed property at any time as in way of mortgaging; once a property is mortgaged it is open for anyone to claim. If no tokens are left the team is “Bankrupt” and shattered out of the game.
Third: The get out of jail free card from chance or community chest.
If a team lands on chance or community chance the reeve draws the top card of the appropriate stack and informs the team who landed on the space to do as it says. If you land on free parking you receive one extra token. When you pass go you receive 2 extra tokens. Game concludes after 5 rotations of the board or until all of the properties are claimed, and whichever team has the most properties as the final surviving team crosses Go wins!
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:45 pm

Northern Holdfast is awarded one of each major resource type (soldier, mage, and ranger) for their Fireball Island game. Since this was actually posted last week, Swift may also post an additional game for this week if she is so inclined without penalty.

Crimson Dawn is awarded two Ranger resources for Monopoly.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby girly1 » Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:06 pm

Battle game review for my awesome monopoly game: so we tweaked it a lot during the game because I guess I left out a lot of scenarios. We decided that it was ok that the person that is saving the place on the board could be an archer and fight if the team desired which made for needing to say it was ok to leave the middle to kill the archer but other wise they had to fight in the middle. Quickly we discovered the board was too smsll. If It Was Bigger We Could Have Ran Multiply Teams at a time. Ppl enjoyed some aspects of it but to allow for more action it would need lots of tweaking. And turtle was kind of mean with the chance cards she contributed to the was really hard to remember who's turn it was so we wrote down the order but I think that this could have been avoided with more vigilance. The game did start to run long so keeping an eye on the time is gelpful. So to recap the biggest critic was board needs to be larger.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Whimsey » Wed Apr 22, 2015 2:04 pm

(Another) Monopoly Game

Full class shatter battle

Life pool - 30 lives/team

Death count - 30 seconds

Teams -

2 to 6 teams, of 5 to 10 players each

Equipment -

Flags - 3 each of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green. 2 each of Blue, Purple

Flag stands - 1 for each team

Flagging tape

Set-up -

Each team picks a base area around the edge of the field and sets their flag stand there. Mark off four 6' square areas for the Railroads, one on each side of the field, and all a reasonable distance from each base. Flags are mixed up and put in a pile in the middle of the field.

Gameplay -

Each team starts at their flag stand. This is also where they will respawn.

The object is to be the last team standing.

Each player can carry only one flag at a time. If a player is killed while carrying a flag, they must drop the flag. In order to count for possession, the flag must be in the team's flag stand. Flags can be picked up from the field, or stolen from another team's stand.

If a team can make a Monopoly - they have all matching flags in their stand - they get a bonus for as long as they can maintain the monopoly.

Red - Team refresh. If a team can maintain the monopoly for 30 consecutive minutes, they get another Refresh.
Orange - Team restore. All players on the team have all per life abilities restored, even those that would not normally be restored by Restoration. If a team can maintain the monopoly for 30 consecutive minutes, they get another restore.
Yellow - Regeneration. All team members gain Regeneration for the length of the monopoly.
Green - Poison. All team members gain Poison unlimited, charge x3.
Blue - Armor. Every team member gains 1 point of armor. This armor can be Mended as long as the team still has the monopoly.
Purple - Instant Charge. When this monopoly is made, all players on the team may instantly charge a single spell or ability. For as long as the monopoly is maintained, charge counts are reduced by 1. (An ability that would be charge x3 is charge x2)

Railroads - for every 30 consecutive seconds that a team controls a railroad square, they gain 1 life to their pool. To control a square, one player must have both feet in the square, and must begin to count. Treat this count as a Chant. A player may not begin the count if any other player in the square is currently counting, and must stop the count if one or both feet leave the area marked as the Railroad. Another player from the same team may not pick up where the count was stopped, but may begin a new count. When a player completes a count, they may immediately begin a new count. Teams may control more than one Railroad at a time.
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Re: Battlegame Posting

Postby Faitzhand » Wed Apr 29, 2015 6:44 pm


At least 8 players are reqired but the more the merrier.

at least 3 teams one the druids and at least two others.

the druid team has only one ability stoneform unlimited and start at random locations on the field they are permanently stopped.
the other teams must try to whack druids who pop up by releasing themselves before they refreeze.
a reeve will be required for each non druid team to keep score. the game ends after a predetermined time limit or score is achieved.

druids should be prepared for a thorough whacking and a team may only score off an active druid once.

as an added twist druids may not suffer from stopped and if they move during an active period are worth bonus points.
suggested team size 6-8 druids, 3-5 (+1 reeve) for all other teams. druids are essentially NPC's and are not eligible to win this game.

all non druids are militia by default but if full class is used druids are immune to all abilities other than a good whack and are considered a game object.
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