V for Vendetta reign schedule

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V for Vendetta reign schedule

Postby Azrael » Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:47 am

Greetings populace,
Here is the schedule for the reign of V for Vendetta, Thank you all for your patience, dates may be subject to change only because of dangerous weather conditions.

Feb 8 – Steel Forge: Imperial visit day
Feb 15 – Dark Moon: Imperial visit day
Mar 1 – Iron Mountain Barony: Imperial visit day
Mar 16 – Weapon Master/Dragon Master of the IM in Northern Holdfast
Mar 30 – IM Mid-reign in Crimson Dawn
Apr 6 – Grey Lantern: Imperial visit day
Apr 26 – Crown Quals in – Iron Mountain Barony
May 3 – Flatiron Fortress: Imperial visit day
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