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Postby Azrael » Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:55 am

Greetings, populace;

Reminder: Midreign is coming up Sunday, March 30 to be held in Canon City. The park day will be held at the Mountain View Park; Feast and Court to follow at 5 pm at the Abbey Event Center (please look to the Midreign event page for directions). Feast will be $10 per plate. We encourage all who can to join us for fighting, food, and revelry! I hope to see you there.
• “Robin Hood” Chicken
• Vegetarian Squash
• Wild Rice
• California Veg Blend
• Small Salad Bar
• French Bread

Weapon Master/Dragon Master:
I want to thank all who showed support, helped, fought, and crafted for this weekend. It was absolutely amazing and a great time! A giant thank you goes out to the Northern Holdfast for showing such hospitality as a park for the event; it made the day that much more utterly glorious. I also want to thank our reeves and judges for volunteering to help officiate the tournament. In case you haven’t seen it, here are the tournament results:

Dragon Master:
1st Phenix with 21 points
2nd Locks with 17.75 points
3rd Meteora with 7.25 points and M.T.T. with 7.25 points
4th Harconnis with 4.5 points
5th Phydeaux with 3.75 points
6th Larry with 1.25 points
And a hardy congratulations to Harconnis who had the highest ranking entry with his amazing Honey Fig mead (by the way, we had to score it down because you only brought one bottle)!

Weapon Master:
Results will follow shortly.
Thank you for participating in the tournament!
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Re: Updates

Postby duhtch » Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:59 am

Thanks for your post Azrael. Congrats to the entrants. Agustus ended up winning I believe with Eggman in 2nd and Grix in 3rd.

Have fun at midreign. I would have loved to make it, but unfortunately cannot.
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