Mid-Reign Awards

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Mid-Reign Awards

Postby Azrael » Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:57 am

Here is the Imperial list of awards that were given out at Mid-Reign so that provincial park Prime Ministers may update the O.R.K. accordingly.

Alania: Rose 1st
Haradwen: Rose 1st
Boxy: Rose 1st
Corwin: Rose 2nd
Bigfoot: Rose 1st
Danimal: Rose 1st
Bug: Rose 1st
Foose: Rose 1st
Meteora: Rose 5th
Ordrek: Rose 1st
Phydeaux:Rose 3rd
Harconnis: Dragon 2nd , Rose 2nd
Arkias: Rose 2nd
Shilea: Rose 2nd
Artannis: Rose 1st
Dartannis: Rose 1st
Shay: Rose 6th
S.U.W.: Rose 2nd & 3rd Graber 4th
Medryn: Griffon 4th , First Order of the bouquet
Casca: Rose 9th
Locks: Dragon 8th , Garber 3rd , Title of Countess
Phenix: Dragon 1st
Eggman: Griffon 6th
Jet Kinderd: Griffon 1st
Mihr: Griffon 2nd
Maldread: Griffon 6th
Loki: Griffon 3rd
Vardos: Griffon 1st
Vulcan: Griffon 1st
Grendel: Griffon 5th
Duhtch: Griffon 1st
Sky’ree: Griffon 4th
Storm Reaver: Griffon 4th
Scarab: Griffon 4th
Sneetch: Griffon 2nd
Agustus: Warrior 9th
Grix: Title of Grand Duke
Quorpeck: Title of Baron
Elenyan: Liaison 2nd & 3rd
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Re: Mid-Reign Awards

Postby duhtch » Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:35 pm

Thanks :) Always good to hear all the awards being passed out, even if they are 1st orders.
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