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upcoming reign

Postby Agustus » Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:45 am

We (Quiet and Myself) are very excited to be your incoming monarchy, and from the voting turnouts I see you all are too!
Just a few pieces of information before we step up.
We are now opening bid up for hosting imperial weaponmaster/dragonmaster, the workshop day (we have talked about this at length on facebook), and imperial quals.
Bids are going to be due June 22nd at 11:59pm. You should submit the bid via email to aretzc46@gmail.com Each park is welcome to submit a bid for each, but each park can only host 1.
Bids should include the following:
Date for the event
Useful Amenities for the event
Costs for the event (breakdown of costs is required)
Planned schedule of events
Cratting staff (remember that the monarchy is in charge of the tournaments so you won't need to have someone set up to run those)
Those parks that don't win a bid will still get an imperial visit, those that do win a bid will have that day as their imperial visit.
We have the goal of increasing traveling and communication between parks and building our great Empire up. We want to encourage you all to make new friends and learn more about various skills in amtgard. To accomplish this we have chosen a theme that everyone will love!
As many of you have noticed and guessed, we are doing a reign loosely based off of The Song of Ice and Fire books/Game of Thrones show. We are going to have a competition associated with it! Each park is going to be split into 5 different houses: Baratheon, Stark, Targaryen, Tyrell, and Lannister! Individuals will earn points for their house by doing various things. A couple of example are: traveling to imperial days, imperial level tournaments, and battlegames. The house with the most points will win the game of thrones. We will post more information about the points and prizes later.
Each house is going to have a house leader. These house leaders are going to help your house win the game of thrones.
We will need all pm's to make sure that teach park's active list on the ORK truly shows all active members. We don't want to leave anyone out, but if it happens we can add them in after the fact. New players can join in too!
The week following Rakis we will post a list of the members of each house along with the house leaders. From their you guys can start planning on what you are going to do to win the game of thrones.
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