Dragonmaster/Weaponmaster, 08/17/2014, Northern Holdfast

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Dragonmaster/Weaponmaster, 08/17/2014, Northern Holdfast

Postby Quiet » Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:41 pm

Sunday, August 17th
City Park, Fort Collins, CO (The Northern Holdfast)
It's time to show off your art, your threads, your gear and your toys, people. One person walks away with the coveted Dragonmaster Spear, and it just might be you! Bring your best works, and compare them to the Empire's finest!
A&S entries must be submitted no later than 1:00pm in order to be judged.
Any food/beverage entries MUST include a list of ingredients in case of dietary restrictions (write-ups for everything else would be super sweet, too).
I'm putting out an official call for judges interested in scoring entries, as well. Judges cannot submit A&S entries, because conflicts of interest are hilarious. I cannot judge, as I am entering. Toss me a message or SMS or some such if you'd like to volunteer your time.
Weaponmaster will also be hosted at the same time, so sharpen those swords (metaphorically, please), and see who will reign supreme the next six months. Tournament hosted by Steven, format TBD shortly.
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