Proposed Iron Mountains Corpora

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Proposed Iron Mountains Corpora

Postby Korderellin » Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:11 pm

Greetings, Citizens of the Iron Mountains!

As anyone who has attempted a Corpora Test within the Iron Mountains can attest, the current Iron Mountains Corpora is not the most user-friendly of documents. Over the course of the almost decade and a half since it was first introduced, the Corpora has gone through substantial revision, and has many sections that no longer reflect the way the Empire or its provinces currently do business. There have also been a large number of errors and contradictions that have crept into the document over the years, due to a lot of repetition and non-intuitive layout.

I strongly feel it is time for us to retire this document, and over the course of the past ten months, have been working with a number of members of the Empire to craft a new Corpora to replace it. After many months of discussion, debate, and revision, we have created a document that we believe will meet the needs of our Empire, and will hopefully remove much of the redundancy, contradictory content, and outdated procedures.

As this document was written from scratch, there are a number of differences between it and the current corpora, such as changes to our election and Althing process, method of managing Principalities, audit process, and a number of additional changes. We have also worked to incorporate best practices from across the other Kingdoms on the game. Additionally, we will be splitting out such things as our Corporate Bylaws and Financial Policies, and putting those into separate documents, in order to be compliant with state non-profit law. These additional documents are not currently ready for review, but are still in the process of being written and revised.

If you are interested, we are asking you all to provide your comments and criticism on this revision, so that we can refine it in order to present it to the upcoming Summer Althing. Our goal is to have a set of working documents available to be voted upon and, if accepted, put into place as of this year's Rakis. You can provide that input either in the comments below, or by posting your feedback Facebook discussion.

Thanks everyone, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!
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