Iron Mountains Corpora v2.0 and Financial Policies

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Iron Mountains Corpora v2.0 and Financial Policies

Postby Korderellin » Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:44 am

Greetings, Iron Mountaineers!

The BOD has reviewed and approved the Financial Policies of the Iron Mountains, and they have now been added as Appendix D of the Iron Mountains Corpora. You can find the corpora at the link below.

In order to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines, and to safeguard group funds from potential losses, a number of changes have been made from our previous policies. These changes will affect all Core parks under the Empire, and will need to be implemented within 30 days.

Park Prime Ministers and Monarchs, we urge you to review the financial policies, and begin the process of implementing the necessary changes. Please do not hesitate to contact either myself or another member of the BOD with any questions regarding the policies. ... sp=sharing
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