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Battlegame Posting

Postby Korderellin » Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:15 pm

As the theme for this reign is Board Games, we want you all to go back in your past (to your childhood, or to last Thursday, whichever is more appropriate) and pull out your favorite board games to use as inspiration for some of the most awesome battlegames you've ever played! Board games can provide excellent inspiration for Amtgard, and can draw people into the battlegames in fun and quirky ways that can help mix things up and keep things exciting.

Start thinking on the games you want to do now, and once the Catan-style game is fully ready, we'll begin accepting Battlegame posts and applying resources.

A couple of rules regarding posting the battlegames:

1) Please post the Battlegames in two places: On the Empire Facebook group, and on the forum post in the general discussion forum here on the IM forums. The first place is so that people can ask questions and solicit feedback, and the second is so we can track the games for scoring purposes (see #4 below).

2) The discussions on Facebook is to provide constructive feedback, and so that other groups can see the games and take them back to their own parks to play. Please refrain from badmouthing other people's creations; keep your comments constructive, and try to provide assistance in tweaking the rules so we can make the games as fun as possible. Also, if your park decides to run someone else's game, please provide constructive feedback and lessons learned, so the game can be improved for future use.

3) Games should ultimately still adhere to Amtgard rules, and should only have minor variations in mechanics that still utilize the Amtgard Rules of Play. The goal is to use the Board Games as inspiration, not to play the games themselves. Please refrain from putting together games where people play more of the Board Game than they do Amtgard.

4) Upon posting, getting feedback, and revision based on that feedback, games will be granted additional resources in the Empire level Catan game. This is a great way to try and help your park get ahead in the game, especially during these cold months when attendance might be a bit lower.

A few pointers for making your games fun and easy to implement:

1) Keep it simple. While many board games can have intricate rules, these rules can be difficult to translate into Amtgard and be readily playable. Use the base game as inspiration, but keep your specialized rules to a minimum, so that your players don't have to learn a new game in order to participate in Amtgard. For example, if you want to do Monopoly,you could do a capture-point style game, but try to avoid implementing an intricate monetary system.

2) Try to keep the games more fast paced and action-packed. Activity breeds excitement, and so the more active your players have to be, the more fun they'll have. Try not to take it too far, though, and make sure that your players can still breathe afterwards. :)

3) If a rule would ultimately end up making things less fun for the players, get rid of it. It's not worth sacrificing fun in order to try and stick to the nitty-gritty details of the original game. The originals should be inspiration, not a limitation on what you can do.

4) Have fun with it!
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