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Catan-style Game Information

Postby Korderellin » Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:50 am

This reign we're going to try something new, concurrent with the theme. Steel Forge, Grey Lantern, Crimson Dawn, Darkmoon, Northern Holdfast, and the Iron Mountains will be playing a board game set to start in two weeks and end shortly before Rakis. While there will be enough prizes for all 6 parks, those that play the game the best will have first choice.

Each week when you attend your park, you will earn resources based on the class you sign in as. Your park's General will use those resources to conquer new territory on the board which can then serve as a base for erecting great towers and castles to secure your land's victory. Because all of our parks' attendances wax and wane, especially in the winter, there will be a weekly limit to the resources that can be gained from attending your park to provide a more level playing field. Travel to other parks, however, will earn your park bonus resources with no upper limit. The hosting park will also get a small resource boost for their hospitality.

More specific rules and the game board itself will be posted closer to the start. To get a jump on things, your park should come together and pick an individual to represent the park as its General. The General will be responsible for strategizing with other park members and submitting the park's actions each week. Choose someone clever and reliable!
Other potentially useful information:

What are the prizes?

Prizes are not yet finalized, but current plans include bonus credits, equipment, and a benefit for those that attend Rakis. All prizes will be designed to benefit the entire park.

What resource does each class grant?

Bard, Druid, Healer, and Wizard convert to Mage resources.
Archer, Barbarian, Paladin, and Warrior convert to Soldier resources.
Anti-Paladin, Assassin, Monk, and Scout convert to Ranger resources.
These resource types will all be needed to secure unclaimed territory on the game board, based on the terrain type of that territory. They can also be used as Support resources to capture special or already claimed territories.

What if I sign in as Color or Reeve?

Color and Reeve convert to Support resources. They function similarly to Mage, Soldier, and Ranger resources, but can only be used to capture special or already claimed territories.

How does my park win?

This will be covered in detail once the final rules are released, but the winner will be the park with the most Victory Points.

Thanks, that helped a lot! How does my park earn Victory Points?

When new territory is claimed, the park also get Building Supplies. Those can be spent to erect fortifications which make adjacent territory harder for another player to steal. Those fortifications will also yield Victory Points each week for each piece of adjacent territory.

Can other parks earn Victory Points by owning territory next to my fortifications?

Fortifications are not sentient creatures, thus they have no capacity for loyalty and will benefit all who are near them. If one of your neighbours is too close for comfort, drive them out! Of course, your completely disloyal fortification will protect your enemies just as well as they would protect you. Fortifications are jerks.
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Re: Catan-style Game Information

Postby Grix » Wed Jan 14, 2015 6:33 pm

Board Game Update!

The current plan is to start on the board game next week, using the coming weekends sign-ins as your starting resources. I'm still finalizing the interface, but here's an early version that will let you better explore the map:

For anyone interested, I also have the majority of the rules published here:

I will post another update here when everything is ready for the Generals to log in and start making moves. I'm so excited!
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Re: Catan-style Game Information

Postby Grix » Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:59 pm

IM Catan prizes update!

Work has interrupted my release schedule, but I'll have everything ready for the generals to start making moves ASAP. In the mean time, here are the prizes that we've got planned:

Jugging Set - A complete jugging set.

Park Banners - A large cloth banner and some smaller accompanying banners with park heraldry.

Bonus Credits - Additional credits for park members active during the reign.

Battle Game Equipment - A set of gear useful for running battlegames.

Rakis Discount - A$5 discount on Rakis admission for park members active during the reign.

Loaner Garb - Loaner tabards and class sashes with park heraldry.


I've also made a couple updates to the rules:

Namely, parks will not be penalized for not using all of their moves every week. Parks will also gain 1 Building Supply every time they capture an Owned Tile, instead of the previous 0 Building Supplies.
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Re: Catan-style Game Information

Postby Grix » Wed Jan 21, 2015 7:15 pm

Howdy! IM Catan is finally ready for the park Generals to log in. I'll be sending you passwords momentarily. Once you log in, you'll find that you'll have 5 bonus Soldier, Ranger, Mage, and Building resources to help everyone get started. For parks that haven't entered their credits for last weekend yet, the system updates every couple of hours. Harass your PMs to get those credits in and check back later to make your moves. Let me know if you have any questions.

As a reminder, end game prizes include a Jugging Set, Park Banners, Bonus Credits, Battle Game Equipment, Rakis Discount, and Loaner Garb. Good luck everyone!

IM Catan game interface:
IM Catan game rules:
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